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Fibreglass Division







1. Chopped Strand Mat (200/300/450)
2. Woven Roving (600/800)
3. Continous Mat (450/600)
4. Filament Roving (2400/4800 tex)
5. Multiaxial Fabric (0/90/-45/+45)
6. Combination Mat
7. Polyester Resin (Ortho,Iso)
8. Vinyl Ester Resin
9. Epoxy Resin
10. Gelkote

Hand lay-up, Spray-up, RTM, BMC,
 SMC, Pultrusion, Filament Winding, Vacuum Bagging, Prepegs, etc

Plastic Division


Main features of Rotational Molding:

Low cost tooling/short lead times

   Excellent and varied surface finishes 

      Consistent wall thickness

           Stress free low pressure process

               High impact strength materials
                      Strong outside corners

              Complex contours are possible

        Molded-in colors and graphics

Small production runs are possible


Metal Division





Electro-Coating from small screws , nuts & washers to large fabrications.

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